Brittany Stenger

Brittany Stenger

Loan Servicing Manager

What do you do at BankCherokee?
Loan Servicing Lead. I work with the lending assistants and lenders to implement processes to help improve and strengthen our relationships with our business customers.

How many years have you been in banking?
I have been in banking since 2007 when I came to BankCherokee as a teller at our Grand Avenue branch. I also spent a couple years as a personal banker before moving to our loan support area in 2013.

Why do you enjoy working at BankCherokee?
I love the people I work with and the values of our organization.

What is your favorite movie?
The Sandlot! It never gets old and reminds me of being a kid.

What was your best vacation ever?
An RV trip to Yellowstone with my family in 2016. Six of us crammed into an RV for nine days got interesting, but we made many good memories.

The last book I read was…
Little Red Riding Hood to my daughter.

I have three pet cats named…
Beans, Butters, and Cow.

Outside of work, I really enjoy…
Doing anything outside. In the summer, I love four wheeling, boating and camping. In the winter, I welcome the snow to go snowmobiling.

What band or music do you enjoy most?
Anything with Chris Cornell is my favorite, but I do like just about anything.