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Personal Loans

Neighbors Helping Neighbors!

Loans are one of our greatest strengths at BankCherokee. We consider it neighbors helping neighbors. Together, we’ll create a loan with affordable monthly payments and competitive interest rates that will allow you to finance your dream.

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Home Mortgage

There's no place like home, and we'll help you get there! We take great pride in knowing our customers; it is because of this knowledge, we can help you choose the mortgage that is right for you and your particular situation.

Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit

A smart way to make major purchases while enjoying the tax benefits. Homeownership gives you an opportunity to borrow against the equity of your home for most any financing needs.

Home Improvement Home Equity Line of Credit

A great option when there's not enough equity in your home, but there will be!

Personal Loans

We have a variety of Personal Loans to fit your needs. Whether you're looking to take that dream vacation or you need a small revolving credit line linked to your BankCherokee checking account - we have the loan for you.

Auto Loans

No matter what kind of vehicle you’re looking for, it takes a lot of research to make a good decision — that goes for getting a loan as well as choosing a car, truck or SUV. We’re here to answer all your questions or even help you fill out the application.

Loan Originator’s Name and Identifier | BankCherokee NMLS #458285 607 Smith Avenue South, Saint Paul, MN 55107
Loan Originators | Rhea Benz NMLS #716888, Patrick Morris NMLS #1237246, Scott Beuning NMLS #747268

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Together, we’ll create a loan that's just right for you.

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