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Community is all about us working together. It’s what makes our community a great place to live.

At BankCherokee, we know how important community is after more than 100 years in the neighborhood. Today, everything we do reflects our commitment to our communities, from the loans we provide to individuals and businesses to employees volunteering for local non-profits to services we provide our customers, such as document shredding and financial education seminars. We are proud to be values driven, relationship focused, family oriented and community engaged. Times may change, but our values stay the same. For more information related to our performance, please see the Bank’s Community Reinvestment Act Digital File

We succeed by helping our customers succeed.

BankLocal. BankBetter.

BankCherokee is invested in our community businesses, you and your business earn genuine interest. Like you, we value each and every customer. We wouldn’t do business any other way, just listen to what our customers say!

Success Stories

Our 2020 Highlights

The year 2020 started like any other year; who knew it would bring us a global pandemic? Well, COVID-19 may have forced some changes, but it didn’t stop us from giving back to our communities. We hope you enjoy our highlights from 2020!

Our 2019 Highlights

We are proud to be values driven, relationship focused, family oriented and community engaged. Times may change, but our values stay the same. We hope you enjoy our 2019 highlights!

Our 2018 Highlights

At BankCherokee, giving back is the easy part of a sometimes complicated business. Here’s a glimpse at how we helped our communities during 2018.

Our 2017 Highlights

2017 was a great year, and we’d like to share some highlights with you, from packing MannaPacks for Feed My Starving Children to volunteering with the Salvation Army and everything in-between. We hope you enjoy our 2017 highlights.

Shred & Food Drive Events

Three times a year we partner with Shred-Right, a AAA NAID Certified shredding company, to shred confidential and sensitive papers FREE of charge for BankCherokee customers. We combine the shred events with a food drive. We have partnered with Finnegan’s Reverse Food Truck, so bring your food or cash donations to show support! BankCherokee matches food donations brought in during the events!

FINNEGANS profits go to support The Food Group’s Harvest for the Hungry program – an innovative program in which fresh produce is purchased from local farms and is then distributed to local food shelves.

BankCherokee Partners with St. Paul Public Schools Academy of Finance

“What’s a need we can help you with right now?” Nancy Tuomie asked. She was on the phone with Kris Sommerville, a program coordinator for Academy of Finance, a St. Paul Public Schools initiative started by the Federal Reserve Bank that prepares high school students for jobs in the financial industry.

As the Director of Human Resources for BankCherokee, Tuomie often approaches conversations with an open mind and heart. She has led several community initiatives during her more than two decades with the bank. Tuomie is especially passionate about BankCherokee’s partnership with the Academy of Finance, which began in 2004. Academy of Finance works with organizations interested in mentoring students and providing on-the-job training opportunities in banking and finance.

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Used Bikes For A New Life

Express Bike Shop, a social enterprise of Keystone Community Services, is a local business that refurbishes and sells used bikes through an apprenticeship program that develops the work, leadership and entrepreneurship skills of youth in the community.

Each year BankCherokee supports this great program and collects used bikes to donate to Express Bike Shop. In 2016 we collected 90 bikes!

March is Food Drive Month

March is Food Drive month at BankCherokee and we donate all food and cash donations to Neighborhood House. The wonderful staff at BankCherokee plans the event, raising cash by holding branch potlucks, purchasing chances for an extra vacation day or chances to throw a pie at a bank officer – how creative they get! They also sell tickets to wear jeans on Fridays, so if you see an employee in jeans on a Friday in March, they are supporting the food drive.

Stewards of Douglas Park in St. Paul

The City of Saint Paul has over 170 parks and BankCherokee is the steward of Douglas Park which is located just 2 blocks east or our Smith Avenue location. We are the caretakers of this charming little park in our neighborhood that was formerly home to Douglas Elementary School, where our very own Scott Larsen attended school back in the day! We keep Douglas Park looking beautiful during the spring, summer and autumn seasons by removing litter, weeding the playground area & gardens.

Fill A Backpack

August is Fill A Backpack month at BankCherokee and we donate all school supplies to Neighborhood House and Ralph Reeder. Our neighborhood kids deserve to start the school year off right and each year we get wonderful support from our customers and employees bringing in school supplies.

Metro Paint-A-Thon

Mission of Metro Paint-A-Thon

Since 1984, the Metro Paint-A-Thon has helped low-income seniors and people with permanent physical disabilities continue to live independently in their own homes. Each August, teams of volunteers paint home and garage exteriors in the Twin Cities area for those who can no longer physically do such maintenance and who cannot afford to hire a contractor. The program restores not only the homes that are painted, but the homeowners’ sense of pride in their property and their community. Volunteers have completed 6,437 exterior home-based painting projects since 1984.

Joseph's Coat Winter Item Drive

BankCherokee is proud to hold an annual Winter Item Drive and all items are donated to Joseph’s Coat. Since 1989, Joseph’s Coat has been serving our neediest neighbors in Saint Paul and the surrounding Twin Cities communities. Their free store provides clothing, household items, personal hygiene products, and children’s items.

2017 Community Impact Week

Community is all about us working together and BankCherokee was very proud to participate in the 2017 Minnesota Bankers Community Impact Week. Here’s where Team Cherokee was the week of September 18th.

Launched by the Minnesota Bankers Association, the Community Impact Week creates an opportunity for banks to highlight the many volunteer opportunities available to help build stronger local communities.

2016 Community Impact Week

BankCherokee truly believes community is all about us working together and we share this belief with fellow bankers in Minnesota. That’s why we were so excited to join with bankers across the state for a week of volunteering time to great causes. Team Cherokee did a great job in 2016, here are some of the great organizations we supported.

Launched by the Minnesota Bankers Association, the Community Impact Week creates an opportunity for banks to highlight the many volunteer opportunities available to help build stronger local communities.

Every Meal: formerly The Sheridan Story

No child should be hungry, but in Minnesota 200,000+ of them are. Join us in the fight against child hunger. BankCherokee is very excited to partner with Every Meal (formerly The Sheridan Story) by sponsoring Adams Spanish Immersion School. Each Friday during the school year, BankCherokee will provide food packs to students and their families to help cover food shortages that may exist in the home during the weekend. We are honored that The Sheridan Story reached out to us and shared the great work they are doing in our communities and we are excited to sponsor Adams Spanish Immersion School.

If you would like to sponsor a school, volunteer, or make a donation, you can visit their website at

Our 2015 Highlights

2015 was a great year and we’d like to share with you some of our community highlights. Thanks to our wonderful customers and employees for all of their generosity – we hope you enjoy the video.

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