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Business Loans & Lines of Credit

Business loans tailored to meet your needs.

These days, banks can take your money, but they can’t dish it out. Many qualified customers find themselves cut off from business loans when they need them the most.

Fortunately, your partner is BankCherokee, the bank that’s been doing business in this community for over 100 years. We have money to lend so you can grow your business or improve your cash flow.

Our experienced lenders are always available to discuss your needs. Call us at 651-312-2030 or Contact Us to set up an appointment today.

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Working Capital Line of Credit

When new business opportunities present themselves, or when you have cash flow concerns, you need to be able to respond quickly. Lines of credit give you the flexibility to write yourself a loan immediately.

A Working Capital Line of Credit can be used to finance accounts receivable or inventory purchases. This revolving line of credit features a variable interest rate and convenient payment terms.

Equipment and vehicle financing

A business installment loan can be used to finance long-term working capital, debt consolidation, or equipment purchases such as manufacturing, printing and office equipment, or vehicles.

Other Credit Services

Our business banking services also include letters of credit, building acquisitions or refinance, revolving lines of credit and short-term, asset-based lines of credit.

BankCherokee is proud to work with Aggressive Hydraulics.

Paul Johnson, President of Aggressive Hydraulics, tells us about his business and how important it is to him to bank with a community bank. Aggressive Hydraulics are the experts in manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, and Paul relies on BankCherokee to be his banking expert.

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