Leslie Bootz

Leslie Bootz

Senior Cash Management Assistant

What do you do at BankCherokee?
Senior Cash Management Assistant – I work with our Business Clients to help make their businesses run efficiently. Supporting them with utilizing our cash management products in order to save time.

How many years have you been in banking?
I have been in the financial industry in some fashion for 15 years.

Why do you enjoy working at BankCherokee?
BankCherokee takes pride in the community and residents in the communities they serve. Everyone pitches in and works together.

My specialty at BankCherokee is…
I enjoy creative problem-solving. Spotting relevant patterns and issues in unique scenarios comes easily to me. I am always searching for ways to do projects more efficiently without compromising quality.

I have a pet dog named… 

Outside of work, I really enjoy…
Spending time with my daughter and my dog.