Roger Hamilton - BankCherokee
Roger Hamilton

Roger Hamilton

Senior Vice President Commercial Lending 651-291-6263

What do you do at BankCherokee?
I am a SVP of commercial lending for the bank. My primary responsibilities include developing new, relationship-based, business customers for the bank, effectively managing these relationships, and being an overall resource to the bank’s commercial lending department. I also serve as a voting member of the loan committee.

How many years have you been in banking?
30 years.  I have worked directly with small and mid-sized businesses, both sales and underwriting, this entire time.  I hope to stay and grow with BankCherokee for many years.

Why do you enjoy working at BankCherokee?
I like the size and entrepreneurial spirit of BankCherokee.  It’s rewarding when my accomplishments can have a meaningful impact on the overall bank.  I also like the variety that the bank provides me; I can work with businesses throughout the metro area, businesses of different sizes, and businesses in many different industries.

What is your favorite activity outside of work?
I enjoy fishing, running, skiing, and other outdoor activities.  We try to stay active in our kid’s activities, including various sports and scouting.

What was your best vacation ever?
Our family vacation to the Grand Canyon. We hiked the canyon and did some white water rafting.

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