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Brian Has the Next Best Thing to a Crystal Ball

What economic challenges and opportunities are around the corner in your industry and how will they directly affect your business?  Get Your Complimentary Report Now.

He's your banker and has your back.
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How does that saying go? “When one door closes a window opens...” Not always easy to comprehend when you’re in the thick of a business crisis. But what a breath of fresh air when it’s your banker that brings it to your attention.

When a wholesale distribution company learned that their warehouse lease was not getting renewed, rather than scramble they called their banker, Brian. Together they looked at all the options and landed on a creative solution: Buy. Turns out a mortgage on a new building saved them a ton over simply jumping back into another lease agreement. Because he knew the ins and outs of their business, Brian pulled together all the moving pieces to quickly get their new financing in place.

What windows of opportunity could you take advantage of with Brian in your hip pocket? It’s easy to find out by giving him a buzz at 651-291-6276. Oh, his door is always open, too.

Brian Barlow, Banker

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