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Julie Has the Next Best Thing to a Crystal Ball

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If you’ve been a successful banker for 25 years, one thing you’re sure to have is a solid professional network. That certainly is the case with Julie Novak. But what makes her a star with her clients is how she weaves that network into their businesses. Accountants. Attorneys. Real Estate brokers. Marketing experts. You get the idea. The kind of domain experts that can make all the difference in helping a business get on solid ground and grow.

Is that what a bank does? No. That’s what a banker does. Sure, you’ll get great service in applying for a small business loan when the time comes, and frankly, you should expect that from any bank worth it's salt. But it’s the “big picture” everyday stuff Julie cares about (as much as you do) that will help you sleep well tonight.

Times like these couldn’t be stranger. All the more reason to have a banker like Julie as speed-dial friend.

One of Julie's clients shares her experience:

Julie Novak, Banker
Senior Vice President

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Just for You: The Next Best Thing to a Crystal Ball

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