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Andy Gesell – 35 Years with BankCherokee

Cheers to 35 years!

Happy work anniversary to our very own BankCherokee CEO, Andy Gesell! In November Andy celebrated 35 years with BankCherokee! That’s 35 years of supporting the local community, 35 years of helping small businesses and 35 years of building our BankCherokee team. Thank you Andy for your many years of service and dedication. We are thankful for all that you do!

Quote from Andy –“35 years working at BankCherokee has been a journey of growth, challenges, and countless shared moments that have shaped not just a career, but a legacy.

Through the highs and lows, the triumphs and lessons, each day has been a brushstroke in the colorful canvas in the BankCherokee story. It’s not just a work anniversary; it’s a celebration of enduring bonds, shared dreams, and the priceless value of building something meaningful together.

Here’s to 35 years of passion, dedication, and the joy of being a vital part of a family business that keeps bringing joy every day.”