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Listening to the Bees – Lessons in wealth, health and happiness

Lesson 6: The Next Generation

Honeybees rely heavily on their progeny for survival of the hive. It takes a lot of effort to ensure a smooth transition to the next
generation of a honeybee colony. First, the worker bees prepare cells in the brood chamber based on how many new workers, drones and queens they will need. Each cell is specific to the type of bee it will hold. The Queen then lays fertilized eggs in the worker and queen cells and unfertilized eggs in the drone cells. Once the larva hatch, the nurse bees take over by feeding them royal jelly. After 3 days, they switch to honey for worker and drone larva. Only Queen larva continue to receive royal jelly. During this time, the nurse bees also regulate the temperature of the brood chamber by contracting their thoracic muscles to increase their own body temperature. Nurse bees visit each individual larva 10,000 times before it enters the pupa stage. Twelve days later, a fully developed bee chews through the wax cap to become a productive member of the hive.

As humans, we interact with our kids and other members of the next generation way more than 10,000 times before they become productive members of society. In addition to providing for their immediate needs, we try to pass on our wisdom, values and insight. We are fully invested in the growth of our youth. This younger generation will create government policies, provide essential services and care for us as we age. We want them to be smart, compassionate and motivated. We want to help them become the best versions of themselves.

Give the next generation the tools they need for success:

  • When they are kids, invest in their education – open a 529 plan for your children, grandchildren or other young relatives.
  • As they reach their teen and young adult years, teach them the basics of money management. Invite them to attend our webinar addressing financial concerns of young adults. Not Your Parents’ Retirement Plan: A Journey Towards Independence
  • Invest in sustainability. Help ensure a healthy future for the next generation by using ESG strategies. ESG seeks out companies that have sustainable environmental, social and governance models.

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