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The Winter Tour

Check Out The Buzz!

Queen Bee-Oncé and the Hive are rehearsing for their biggest show of the year – Winter. As the temperatures dropped, the Queen held auditions and all of the drones were cut from the show and cast out of the hive. Since the drones’ only role is to mate, they are not needed over the winter. Casting them out leaves more honey for the backup dancers (worker bees) who have the most important role in the show. The backup dancers have begun practicing their new dance, the Shiver. In a large cluster formation, they vibrate their flight muscles but keep their wings still. This activity generates enough heat to warm the inside of the cluster to over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Queen Bee-Oncé will ride out the winter in the middle of this cluster. She will be warm and well fed, like a true Diva.

Honey is the key to the success of this show. The Shiver dance takes a lot of energy, which must be replenished with nourishment in the form of honey. I got a taste of how important the honey is to the hive when I checked in to correct a potential problem. As I tried to re-position some of the frames of honey, I was swarmed by backup dancers and received my first sting as a beekeeper. They gave up their lives to protect the honey that will sustain the hive through the winter.

We have learned that the Bees are continuously adjusting to ensure that they don’t run out of honey regardless of the cost. We can apply this lesson to investing. Adjustments are necessary to keep your portfolio running smoothly. Working together, we can balance your risk, cost, return and ESG principles to increase the chances of success in your big show – Retirement. Call me at 651-290-6114 to get started.

Bee Well,

Jonathan B. Kvasnik, ChFC – King Bee


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