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They’re Baaack!

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They’re Baaack! One of my beehives made it through the winter and lives to see another spring. Fighting off mites, cold weather and the dreaded colony collapse disorder, the bees pulled together and survived. Over 60% of hives do not make it through the winter, so I am very proud to have a hive that beat the odds.

A hive that survives the winter has many important traits:

  • Hardiness to withstand the cold Minnesota winter
  • Good honey production to provide the food for winter
  • Low mite loads to prevent an outbreak of mites
  • Good temperament to keep the hive from being overly aggressive or frantic
  • Bees working in harmony with mother earth

Now the bees will soon get back to work pollinating the plants and trees in our communities. I would like to help you. I am giving out pollinator friendly seed packets for you to plant in your yards and gardens. When you stop by this spring, ask me for your “Bee Happy” seed packet. You can also help by eliminating or cutting down on pesticide use at home.

A sustainable portfolio has very similar traits to that of a successful hive:

  • Hardiness – a good allocation mix that will weather the ups and downs of the market
  • Good production – steady growth in a portfolio may help you reach your goal
  • Low mite loads – never heard of mites taking over a portfolio, but if you don’t have a sound strategy, who knows what will damage your portfolio
  • Good temperament – stay within your risk tolerance and avoid being overly aggressive or frantic when dealing with your retirement money. Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Harmony – our commitment to ESG investing, removing non-sustainable companies and adding more Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) friendly investments

I look forward to seeing you this spring as our community continues to bloom and the bees continue their important role. You can always call me at 651-290-6114 to discuss integrating ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investments in your portfolio.

Bee well,
Jonathan Kvasnik, ChFC
Financial Advisor


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