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Traveling? Make Sure to Let Us Know.

Avoid card interruptions while traveling by letting us know your travel dates prior to your trip by calling 651.225.6299 or use our mobile app. Our fraud detection system looks for unusual or suspicious transactions that fall outside your normal pattern of card usage. If you let us know you’re traveling, we will know it’s you using your card and not someone else.

Mobile App instructions*

  • Open up our Cherokee Online mobile app.
  • Click on the Cards icon.
  • Scroll down and click on Manage Travel Plans.
  • Click on Add Travel Plan and follow the instructions.
  • Feel free to watch our video tutorial for the mobile app.

It is also a good idea to contact your credit card companies to report your travel plans to them as well.

If you have a BankCherokee Credit Card, please call 1.800.558.3424.   For a BankCherokee business credit card, please call 1.866.552.8855.

Enjoy your trip!


*Manage Travel Plans is not available on our Business Plus Mobile App.