Nicole Villafan - BankCherokee
Nicole Villafan

Nicole Villafan

Administrative Assistant

What is your position at BankCherokee?
Administrative Assistant at the Smith Avenue Branch.

How many years have you worked in banking?
This is my first experience working in banking. I look forward to learning all I can about the business.

Why do you enjoy working at BankCherokee?
I chose to work at BankCherokee because it is a family-owned business and has a strong community focus.

What is your specialty at BankCherokee?
My specialty at BankCherokee is greeting customers and providing excellent customer service.

How long have you lived in the metro area?
I have lived in the area for 18 years. I am originally from WI. I moved to the cities to attend the University of Minnesota.

What was the last book you enjoyed?
The Last Cuentista by Donna Barba Higuera.

I am involved with the following organization and am passionate about it because…
My daughter dances with Los Alegres Bailadores. We are supporting their mission of preserving Mexican folkloric traditions, reminding the younger generations of their cultural identity, and connecting them with a community,

What do you like to do outside of work?
Outside of work I like hanging out with my kids, watching movies, baking, playing D&D and board games.


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